7 Best Deer Hunting Tips


These deer hunting tips will bring your hunting to the next level. We’ve compiled the best tips from the far reaches of the internet. I hope you enjoy!

Tip #1: Know where the deer eat, sleep, and drink.

All deer care about is food, water, and a place to sleep. The place you want to hunt from is 15 yards off of the runways between those spots.

Tip #2: Know which way the wind is blowing

The best way to prevent a deer from smelling you is to know which way the wind is blowing. Although you need to know where they’ll probably come from, it’s the second factor to consider when choosing a place to hunt for the day.

Tip #3: Store your clothes and equipment with leaves

You don’t want the deer to smell anything unknown to them or they may stay away from you. That’s why I store all my hunting clothes and equipment with leaves from the very woods I hunt in. Actually, after I wash and spray everything down with no-scent sprays and washes, I stick them in big brown grocery paper bag and poke hole in it and layer them in-between things in airtight totes.

Tip #4: Clear a path to your deer stand

When it’s dark and you are on your way to your tree stand you don’t want to step on stick and jump the deer or let them know you are around. I typically make a path rake it free of leaves and twigs all the way to my tree stand.

Tip #5: Avoid the horizon and eye sight of deer

Ideally you’ll be somewhere where the deer can’t see your silhouette or see you move. If you have to be on the ground, sit in the shadows.

Tip #6: Practice like you’re hunting

Sit in the chair, blind, or tree stand that you’ll be in while hunting. Don’t be afraid to go out into the woods and practice from the actual spot. Wear the clothes you’ll be wearing so you know how much padding there is and if you’ll need to take off your gloves before putting your finger on the trigger.

Tip #7: Make shooting lanes

If you’re in a dense forest or marsh it can be difficult to see a deer that’s 30 yards away. My last deer hunting tip solves this problem. Make shooting lanes. They’re exactly what they sound like, clear cut lanes that allow you to see 100-150 yards away. I’ll even put markers every 25 yards so I know where to aim.

I hope these deer hunting tips were useful.

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