Deer Calls


Deer calls were used minimally before the 80’s. However, after a Mississippi State University student published his thesis on “Acoustics of white-tailed deer”, the hunting community got to know about various different communication methods used by the deer.

30 years later deer calling has been made an art after the advent of modern technology and research methods. However, the basic principles remain the same. After learning how to use a deer call you’ll have deer running towards you instead of waiting for one to pass by.  Below is a list of the deer calls I use and you should use them.


Bleats are used to basically locate each other. These calls are used so the deer separated from their family can regroup together.

How To Use a Bleat Call

One to three relatively soft calls with small pauses in between 15 to 20 minutes.

Distress call

This call is made by a fawn when it is frightened and can be used to lure in female deer. This call is usually avoided in the fall season.

How To Use a Distress Call

Begin quietly for a minute or so before cranking up the volume. Fawns have small lungs and therefore the length of the call should be short too.

Bellow Call

This call is an urgent mating call which announces that the time of mating is right now. It is a combination of bleats combined with grunts in the end.

How To Use a Bellow Call

Blow this series very loudly after 15 to 20 minutes in 2 to 4 frequency.

Grunt Call

This is the most used call by the deer as well as the hunters. There are a variety of grunts that can be used to lure in the deer. This includes doe grunt, buck grunt, tending grunt and rage grunt.

How To Use a Grunt Call

The best bet is by blowing two or three times every 30 minutes, especially when you can’t see the deer.

Alert Snort Call

This call is used when a buck (male deer) is in its peak rut period and chasing a doe. This call can stop the buck in its track and then you can lure it in by using the standard grunt call.

How To Use an Alert Snort

Use a shot and loud snort one when you see the buck racing away.


This is used by the deer to show their dominance in the area. This is a big deer calling out on all the deer out there to mark his territory. For a hunter this means large pile of meat to be hunted down.

How To Use a Snort-wheeze

The two short bursts of air followed by one longer one translate to challenge the biggest buck in the area.

Aggressive Snort

This call is a signal that a fight is currently underway which may interest any other alpha male crossing the area.

How To Use an Aggressive Snort

Add the rattle sound to it to make it more realistic for the buck to fall into the trap.


This is the second most used call after grunts. This is an indication that fight is under way. This is an all season call which goes on in the pre-rut, rut and post rut period.

How To Rattle For Deer

Use real antlers to give the actual feel. Don’t over use the rattling sound as it will make it unnatural and deer in the area precautious.

When To Use Each Call

What type of call you use in the rut cycle is of utter importance.

Pre-rut Calling

Use rattling plus grunts and keep an eye open for the charging buck.

Rut Calling

Use bleats and snort wheeze while the bucks are chasing the does in high heat environment.

Post Rut Calling

Light and occasional grunts to lure in deer looking for safety and general companionship

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